Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality from Captivate

A new approach to learning

Virtual Reality (VR) enables you to deliver large amounts of often complex information, simplify it and present it in a visually attractive way.  Most people find it easier to learn when presented with a visual explanation which they then also find easier to retain and recall. Unlike a real-world training scenario, a person can play through a virtual situation as many times as they need to grasp a concept or procedure. Virtual Reality training will allow you to learn about workplace safety and help reduce accidents while in a comfortable and controlled virtual environment. Immersive VR experiences train and educate people helping them improve their skill sets and expand their capabilities.

Virtual Reality from Captivate

It starts with a headset

Virtual Reality (VR) involves wearing a headset that blocks out the real world around you and replaces it with a computer generated virtual one. You are able to move your head around to see a full 360 degree environment, and interact by moving around or picking up and manipulating objects.

Virtual Reality from Captivate

Virtual Reality for everyone

With Virtual Reality (VR) you can educate large numbers of people at the same time. Traditional forms of training can be expensive especially if you have to transport groups of people from various locations, Virtual Reality training can help save cost by reducing site travel. VR is also meaningful to people with limited physical mobility, as it allows them to experience environments they may not otherwise have been able to.

VR showreel

Do you want your customers to visit an operating theatre and see your products in action,  or to see how your product works underground, or to see and hear the benefits of acoustic glass in a building, or to visit a farm to learn about farm safety, then Virtual Reality can help you do all this and more. 

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